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So here’s the thing, you’re reading this because I’ve finally been persuaded (through a Consumer Behaviour course) that my thoughts should be uploaded and shared with the world. Baring my all.

Well, nearly.

I’m going to write to you. Whoever you are. I’m going to tell you all about my search for what makes us consumers ‘tick’.

My Blog will be about Drink:

Consuming and Thinking about Drink.

This project is not some excuseMmm Beer -all my holiday snaps have me posing with a beer.... to get pissed 😉

I really do have a passion for an eclectic range of drink! And I assure you, no addiction problem, I promise.

My main passion is for Real Ales.

Other than that I am partial to red and white wines -not really rosé- Whiskey, Rum, Port, Mead, G &T and Martini. Gosh, thinking about it there’s probably a few more. There aren’t many I don’t like. I’m not so much of a fan of Lager, Cider or Vodka. But even then I can be persuaded given the right impetus.

But what I really want to delve into is my relationship with the stuff, how each Brand or drink makes me feel, what advertising works on me and what doesn’t, what motivations feature in my life. How it brings communities together and how our relationship with the stuff can differ to the extreme from person to person.

Essentially what you will be reading is my musings for a qualitative study of consuming drink.