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Today I’m thinking about symbolic time with beer. (Though this can apply to beer or any form of drink really -just think about Champaign and toasts etc.)

When I crack open a bottle of beer on a summers day it really means summertime, and me-time, and time with friends. There’s something about the action that defines the moment -as a beginning I guess. Even in winter, if I drink that same beer I was drinking in summer at a campsite, or in the back garden over a BBQ, I’m transported back.

I’m thinking this really applies to work situations as well. It’s after work on a Friday, and you’ve walked from your office to the local pub, there’s the throng of people, the music, the lighting, the bar. It sort of has a transformational effect, when the barman’s finishing pulling your pint, and you have that first sip.

That’s when the weekend begins for me. That first sip. Even if you only have one, and you go home and feed that cats straight after.

And, I find time can often be sped up -the night can go quickly on the stuff. Through drunkenness maybe, but also through being caught-up in the moment (which you don’t have to be drunk at all for).

I guess a lot of this feeling of a sense of time is around the environment you consume the beverage in. But I think also it is in how I feel about the stuff itself. Its a treat for me. It feels like something special. Its almost never a product you consume alone, so its a social sharing, and often a gift-giving exercise.

So in short Beer-Time for me is a distinct break from work time/duty time/busy time. Beer Time is symbolic, it is a shared quality time 🙂