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Its all about time today. My last post got me thinking of time some more.

It brought me to one of my first loves: Guinness.

Ohhh Guinness.

Its a little something different. Its so well-known as a brand, and cornered such a niche (being the only popular Stout I can think of) that it is the equivalent Hoover to the Vacuum Cleaner. Also known as ‘Genericide’ -where the product name becomes so known and widely used that it is used to identify the product category generally.

The thing about Guinness, other than its tasty, filling, goodness, it also stands apart from the other things at the bar for another reason: when it’s pulled, you have to wait before the pint can be completed. This is probably the most annoying drink for bar tenders to have to pull, and most of them are pro’s at getting all your other drinks on the order done in the mean time.

Guinness decided to capitalise on this -I guess you could say they were turning what might be seen as a fault into their defining edge of quality. They came up with the perfect strap-line: ‘Good things Come to Those Who Wait‘.

I think it does tap into something true of most people’s psychology. I do get a sense of heightened enjoyment after the anticipation of an event. The surfer ad manages that build-up feeling really well through the music –

anticipation mounting….


treat in store………

……..here it comes!

Worth the wait.

Perhaps time is something most interestingly explored across cultures -as I love the above ad for its sense of cultural celebration and youthfulness (whatever your age). The time it takes to pull the pint is always the same -as if your youth can be tapped into by the relationship with the pint which is unchanging.

Well at any rate whatever you think of this campaign, its better than their campaigns of the past where the lead message was: Guinness is good for you! Utter lie! Haha.