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Happy Valentine’s Day all.

Ever had that ‘beer goggle’ experience, and waking up the next day next to a guy and you’re not sure how this all happened? I haven’t. Ha ha ha I can gloat. But for many this will be true. Yes ‘beer goggles’ are a common experience. One which makes you think the person you are talking to is devilishly attractive. In reality he’s not.

I imagine tonight of all nights this will be a beer goggle frenzy as the singles head out to town in search of love – or other.

Here’s a link to a wonderful Beer Goggle calculator: http://www.lemondrop.com/2009/04/20/beer-goggles-debunked-by-science/

But I guess what I’m really interested in the the phenomenon that you feel really sexy when you drink. Is it about posing with that Martini glass in hand, or the extra confidence you expect to have with your Dutch Courage? I think props can play a major role in how you feel. If you’ve ever acted in a drama group then you’ll understand that weird sensation of actually becoming that person when you try on the costume, and look at yourself in the mirror after hair and make-up -suddenly you have empathy, a new confidence you never had, etc. …

This definitely extends to life in general too. Its one of the reasons cited by schools in defence of their school uniforms, or why dress up in the bedroom can bring out the dark horse in the most unexpected of us girls.

So how far do we use drink as a prop to tell a story about ourselves or to play a character? Well its probably why cocktails are popular despite the varied quality and consistent high price from bar to bar. Its all about the glass and the presentation when it comes to a cocktail.

And is its such a overt thing to buy it has a social element to it. What do you want to say? I’m sexy, I’m manly, I’m different, I’m Irish, I’m driving…….I feel myself going back to the social identity theory so I will finish here.

p.s -what should I drink on Valentines with my partner?……