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Anmer Club

I went home last weekend to visit my parents. On the Saturday evening we went to their local, Anmer club, for Pea and Pie supper. The club is a lovely old building which was been serving a small group of people who mainly work on Sandringham estate. Over the years though it has opened up to other locals in the area. Anyways, this little club was packed full of about 30 people, some of whom had been making us this wonderful supper (the sweet suet crust pastry on the beef one was a-mazing btw). The atmosphere is great: wood burning stove, beautiful wooden rafters, old b&w pictures of the club, friendly people. Everyone knows each other and everyone says hello, Matt and I are welcomed in nicely too -they can see we’re relatives, and get chatting with us at our table.

The bar itself has only one thing on tap -Thwaits Bitter. The chalkboard above and side-by-side with a dashing portrait of the Queen in her twenties, lets everybody know what’s on tap this month, and the strength. It was nice, a good beer. If I hadn’t wanted that I could have gone for a bottle of something but that wouldn’t really be in the spirit, I feel.

What I’m getting to is when I sat down with the beer I suddenly noticed something wrong -the glass (though a beer glass) said ‘Guinness’. So wrong. A flicker of irritation when over my mind -probably some sort of OCD that I’ve never discovered) but then was quickly followed by a thought that this bar was so small it only had one tap -and so they can never get it completely right as the draught changes. But it’s funny how it even crossed my mind -“that’s wrong”.

Importance of Glasses

Coming from an events industry background I remember the importance over glasses. Red wine glasses being bulbous and perfect for swilling to get those aromas, white being thinner in shape, with a design for ease of balance, as you hold this glass from the stem, so as not to warm up a cold beverage.

When placing glasses for a non-served event, the table must be neatly presented, all glasses must be polished to an inch of its life, and placed equal distances from each other. We used to get our staff to place them in diamond shapes or triangular for smaller parties.

What shocks me is the shear amount of variety glasses out there relating to each drink.

Whiskey glasses

Shot Glasses

Port Sippers

Sherry Glass

Beer Glasses