So excited for Catford community, today is the day (finally) that Catford acquires a new pub on the map. Ok so it has been on the map before, but….. this new pub is special


It’s been bought by a company who are known in the area for a number of brilliant looking pubs -each with their own character, but clearly a mark of quality (which is not always so prevalent in this area of South London!) The company is Antic Ltd.

We were in dire need of a good pub -there a so few around to begin with as the estate was built by Methodist teetotallers, and the ones we have are plagued by drugs, gangs and stabbings……nice. But, the council shut it down for that very reason, and now we have a new guy in town, bringing us the finest alcoholic beverages and fodder 🙂 They are engaging with over 300 people on twitter, who are following the pub before its opening, asking questions about people’s preferences etc. The plan is to serve quality food (they’ve shown us sample menus) and have loads of real ales on tap.

So exciting. I think it will be a much needed place to unite the community together. And I can’t wait to go home after my lecture and enjoy my first pint there.

Bring on Catford Bridge Tavern!!!