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I know I’ve been a bit quiet recently. Well, I’m not dead. Yet. I’m revising. And course-working. Oh yes.

For a short break I thought I’d say hey to the readers out there and point out a little bit of heaven in South London:

I am truly shamed for I have not visited Brockley Market in the 2.5 years I’ve been living in South East London until a couple of weekends ago. If you too have not been, yes you too are shamed. Go this weekend!! It’s like a smaller –less crowded– version of Borough Market -characterised by its amazing quality of foods on offer. A great one to take your friends round as there’s lots of foods to try -hot and cold- but also some really fine specimens of fresh veg and other ingredients to make for a Saturday night dinner party.

So, to the point: I want to point out to the beer fans out there, that it’s new best friend has arrived: the….. Beer Stick!!

They’re thin long sticks of salami with a chilli kick to them. (Next time I go I’ll get some more and take a picture before they’re all eaten!!)

The salami is really good quality, and I don’t think this is anything like what you’d find down you’re local supermarket. I think we bought roughly 7 for £5 so not the cheapest snack in the world -but highly addictive and very, VERY good with beer.

The beer sticks were bought from Moons Green Charcuterie, which has a stall in the middle of Brockley Market. The sellers are friendly and will let you try their other offerings too -there was a normal sized salami made with red wine which tasted sublime too -gosh I’d have bought a lot of stuff had I had got the money to spend.