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Well its that time of year again, and everyone’s hunting for the perfect gift: often for friends and family who own way more than they want or need and so gift-buying can be a little difficult.

All these gifts are £10 and under

Freezer Shot Glasses

Well these look the perfect gift to give any 18+ -perhaps something to give to your university friends, or for guys who are notoriously difficult to purchase for.

So here’s some recipes I’ve pulled to use these bad-boys for:

  • Martini Shot – Freeze Lemonade and then Pour Gin
  • Mint Shot – Freeze Water and then Pour Schnapps
  • Spice Shot – Freeze Water Tabasco and then Pour Vodka
  • Candy Shot – Freeze Grape Juice and then Pour Flavoured Vodka
  • Cosmopolitan Shot – Freeze Cranberry Juice and then Pour Vodka
  • Coffee Shot – Freeze Coffee and then Pour Baileys
  • Whiskey Shot – Freeze Water and then Pour Whiskey
  • Tropical Shot – Freeze Pineapple Juice and then Pour Rum
  • Bloody Mary Shot – Freeze Bloody Mary Mix and then Pour Vodka
  • Margarita Shot – Freeze Margarita Mix and then Pour Tequila

Yummy? And for those non-drinkers here’s a tasty suggestion:

  • Chocolate Mousse Cup – Melt chocolate and put in iceshot. Refrigerate until chocolate solidifies. Take off top and fill with mousse.

Fancy bottle holder

For those sophisticated dinner parties.

How cute is this? Perfect for friends who love to entertain, and enjoy their wine!!

A snip at £6.95 from http://www.vintagevibe.co.uk.

Champagne Flutes

When I was younger, I’d spend my Christmas morning marching out to sea in fancy dress with a load of other mad people in aid of charity. What was most satisfying, after the good deed element, was coming back home, and thawing out in a warm bubble bath, with a glass of bubbly.

This next present is a set of Champagne Flutes from Wilkinson’s none the less! This four piece is exactly £10. And very elegant indeed!

Failing these lovely gifts, you could always buy your loved one a set / mix of their favourite beverages -perhaps explore a few different brewers for inspiration -or book a brewery tour as an ‘experience based’ present.