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It is with great sadness I write to tell anyone who isn’t yet aware: Catford Bridge Tavern has closed.

The news came to us via the pub’s social networking channels late last night, and low and behold, they were packing up and handing in the keys this morning.

Picture by Fur Coat, no Knickersclick to see her blog

Though we knew it was under threat from a planning application to change the use of the property, I think it’s hit us all unexpectedly. Just as we began to get confident that all was going to be OK.

So this is as far as I know:

The planning application to change the property’s use has not yet been decided on by the planning committee. The total stands at 488 neighbours who have personally written in to the planning board personally to object the application and a further on-line and hard-copy petition also has thousands of signatures.

What has caused the pub to have to hand its keys over is that the freeholder has managed to make a deal with a national retailer without the planning permission.

So there is hope. The hope is that this retailer will have to eventually realise they can’t put a shop there, because they fail to get permission from the planning authorities, therefore they duck out and Antic pubs gets to reinstate themselves at this site.

One of the things on our side is that the pub has gained an Article Four status. This will make it much harder to get a pub changed to a retail space.

I am currently really angry and upset, and I am writing to feel better. I think I’ve got the story straight from what I’ve heard and read, but it may be that I’ve not got all the facts so bare with me and please do not take this post as gospel.

Its funny how the loss of a pub feels like the loss of a relative. I know it’s silly but it really does feel horrible.

My heart goes out to all the staff, and a sincere thank you for making this place so wonderful in the short time you were here.

Nothing will come close to replacing this pub in my eyes.

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